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Dreamwatch has folded

See this post on the Restoration Team forum.

I have mixed feelings about this. Some of their articles were entertaining enough, and I have respect for any magazine that originally started out as a fanzine, and ended up as a newsstand publication. On the other hand, despite having gone downhill the last couple of years, SFX covers much the same ground, and is generally more entertaining and well-produced. The worst example of this is when Dreamwatch copied SFX's idea of having a small section where the editorial staff gave their opinion on the issues of the month's news; SFX's was well-written and entertaining, wheras Dreamwatch's was simplistic, badly-written and embarassing. In the end, it's hard to shed too many tears about it going - although obviously, it's a huge shame for the editorial staff.

The strange thing is about mainstream UK SF mags, is that Doctor Who Magazine is by far the best-written and most entertaining of the lot, despite only being about one show - and could certainly show the other mags a few things about how to put together an entertaining and informative read. A marvellous magazine - if you've not picked it up, if you're at all interested in Who, I suggest you try it.

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Agree, DWM is great.

By Iorek82
January 12, 2007 @ 5:21 pm

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Interesting! Love the idea of sticking an archive of old articles online. Could be fantastic.

By John Hoare
January 13, 2007 @ 3:55 pm

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