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"Amazing Free Ooberman Jukebox"

Right, listen up. Ooberman are a fucking excellent band. A fucking, fucking excellent band, beloved of every good radio DJ and music journalist worth their salt, but largely ignored by the general public and NME. If you've never heard anything by them, then it's the fault of folks like YOU, not listening to them or buying their albums, that led them to split up a few years back. Thankfully, they've given you another chance by getting back together last year and releasing a stonkingly great (although not quite as good as the one before it) third album, Carried Away. And now they've given you the chance to hear how great they are without having to shell out a single penny.

As part of a promotion for their new rarities album, The Lost Tapes, the band have made their entire back catalogue - that's three full-length albums, two mini albums and a crapload of B-sides - available to listen to online. All you have to do is sign up for their mailing list, and you'll get the link (I'd provide the link here, but that would defeat the point of what they're doing - and besides, you can unsubscribe from the list moments later if you so desire). And hey presto - all the lovely, lush, swelling, indie pop goodness you could ever hope for.

If you're a bit unsure about where to start, the following songs positively demand listening :

- Blossoms Falling
- Sur La Plage
- Shorley Wall
- Silver Planet
- Flashing Light at Sunset
- Alone at Last
- Bluebell Morning
- Open the Hatch
- Cities that Fall
- First Day of the Holidays
- Summer Nights in June
- Moth to a Flame
- Why Did My Igloo Collapse?
- Carried Away
- The Beauty of Your Soul
- Lavender Blue

Or you could just listen to Hey Petrunko, their masterpiece of a "psychedelic odyssey", the commercial failure of which was one of the main reasons for their original split. The excellent single "Beany Bean" (unlike anything else they've ever done, sounds like the Human League and the Specials getting into a fight), meanwhile, isn't available to download, but you can at least watch the video. And look at lovely Sophia.

So why are you still here? DO IT.

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