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Press release for new Who album

Official press release at Apparantly it'll be called Endless Wire (which, to my own personal taste, is the worst of the potential album titles that included Who2 and The Boy Who Heard Music) and it's coming out October 30. I assume it's a global release date. And I do that expressly to make an ass out of u and me.

Roger Daltrey manages to chip in a pretty optimistic sentiment:

John Entwistle died and that changed the balance in the band. Pete and I are at two opposite ends of the globe, if you like, and John was the equator. Now it's very, very, different. Not sure what it is but something's happening - and it's giving us a whole new edge.

Kind of rough, though, isn't it, Roger, that none of those compositions you were penning for the album actually made the cut? Poor guy. I don't think The Who released any of his tracks officially since the A Quick One album. Will this album actually end up sounding like Pete Townshend and the Pete Townshend Band featuring guest-vocalist Roger Daltrey?

I hope not. Because that's what Face Dances was. And that was as close as The Who ever actually came to sucking.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Fragments (Townshend/Ball)
2. A Man In A Purple Dress (Townshend)
3. Mike Post Theme (Townshend)
4. In The Ether (Townshend)
5. Black Widow’s Eyes (Townshend)
6. Two Thousand Years (Townshend)
7. God Speaks of Marty Robbins (Townshend)
8. It’s Not Enough (Townshend/Fuller)
9. You Stand By Me (Townshend)
10. Sound Round (Townshend)
11. Pick Up The Peace (Townshend)
12. Unholy Trinity (Townshend)
13. Trilby’s Piano (Townshend)
14. Endless Wire (Townshend)
15. Fragments of Fragments (Townshend/Ball)
16. We Got A Hit (Townshend)
17. They Made My Dream Come True (Townshend)
18. Mirror Door (Townshend)
19. Tea & Theatre (Townshend)

Now I personally believe that this album--still having heard none of these songs--has the potential to be great. Townshend is easily one of the most gifted songwriters to have come out of the rock-and-roll generation and Daltrey's tough-guy swagger gave the songs an edge that Townshend on his own never could.

I just hope Daltrey's allowed his tough-guy swagger here and doesn't end up having to warble his way through Townshend's "pity me" side.

Come on, Electric Wireframe whatever the hell, let's see action.

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They're on tour in the US at the moment, I believe...

By Tanya Jones
September 28, 2006 @ 11:03 pm

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>They're on tour in the US at the moment, I believe...

Some friends of mine have seen them on this tour at various locations and every one seems to agree that they're kicking serious ass. But I still haven't heard the new material myself...

Personally I'm just happy Zak Starkey gets to appear on a studio album with them. It's kind of unfair to him as he's been such a great addition to the band and he's really added to their sound over the years...but those years happened to be the album-free ones.

By Philip J Reed, VSc
September 28, 2006 @ 11:54 pm

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