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Hello all. Just to let you know that we've had to shut off comments for the time being, due to. them... erm, causing the server to fall over.

Don't ask.

We've got a solution in hand, however - just give us a few days to get it sorted, and you'll be able to call us a bunch of fucking cunts again in no time.

UPDATE: Now fixed!

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In case anybody was wondering - the old comment system really *was* causing our server to fall over by hogging all the resources. It wasn’t just a sneaky way of making the relaunch easier!

No idea exactly what the problem was - it’s obviously related to the fact that it took four ice ages to post a comment using the old system, and I never worked out why that was either.

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By John Hoare
July 25, 2008 @ 6:33 am

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