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Sunday Bloody Sunday

Really captures the frustration of a Sunday, doesn't it?

Anyway, yeah, sorry about the downtime. It wasn't even anything remotely serious in the end - the server we're on decided to, erm, switch itself off for no reason - and it wouldn't respond to remote power-cycling. Unfortunately, the usual sysadmin was away, hence the delay in getting someone to PRESS AN ON BUTTON. Still, we've had excellent uptime since we changed servers late last year. But whilst we always had off-site backups, from now on I'm also keeping weekly on-site ones as well, so we shouldn't have this kind of downtime again.

Incidentally, sorry things have been a bit slow around here recently too. There are PLANS for this to change, however, with some interesting stuff in the pipeline.

See you in about 25 years, then.

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There seems to be a fair amount of Partridge quotes/articles about. Just goes to show how great the character and series is. This is my favourite part of that scene -

Alan - 'So, how many people were killed in the Irish famine?'
Graham Linehan - 'Er...2 million and another million had to leave the country'
Alan - 'Still, if it was just the potatoes that were affected, at the end of the day you will pay the price if you're a fussy eater.'

Tell me that isn't just brilliant. Also - 'live TV can blow up in your face...sorry, you must be sick of that' 'what' 'you know, being blown up, bombs' 'no we're from Dublin' 'well that's where you make them' Just classic classic dialogue and Coogan at his ultimate best.

By performingmonkey
June 29, 2007 @ 3:22 am

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