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Best. Fan trailer. Ever. / 25.05.09

Er, yeah. Can we please have this movie right now please?

Tonight we present a new miracle of electricity... / 26.02.09


...and yet undeniably creepy.

Attention Broadcasters! / 26.12.08

YouTube videos are not broadcast quality material. In any way whatsoever. Stop being lazy and source decent quality clips, dammit.

It’s even worse when this is done in obituaries, like ITV News has just done on the sad death of Eartha Kitt. Luckily, they were interspersed with higher quality material… which was broadcast in the wrong aspect ratio. A wonderful way to pay tribute to her, I’m sure you’ll agree. I’m sorry, how did this make it to air again?

Festive cheer? Bugger off.

What are you doing here? / 26.09.08


"A none lethal takedown is always the most silent takedown..." / 13.09.08

I realise I’m a little behind the curve on this one (most gaming sites reported on this about ten million years ago), but if you haven’t already I implore you check out this brilliant re-cutting of the Deus Ex opening cut-scene and mission. If you need some context, then I suggest you watch the original intro first. Either way, the hilarious re-cut version is after the jump…

Shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits fart turd and twat / 23.06.08

So long, George. You were one of the good guys.

Dollhouse Trailer / 16.05.08

EDIT: Video now removed, but you can watch it here for now...

Why? Dear God, WHY? / 18.04.08

Now, I know remixing is a well established part of dance music, and there are cases where a remix can breathe life into a song (the remix of 'Beautiful Liar' is a case in point), but there's been a couple of cases lately where I've thought "Why?".

I think you're being a little bit naive, Ray / 02.10.07

Whilst browsing TEH YOUTUBES the other day, I noticed an advert:

I Bloody Love YouTube... / 25.10.06

... it's taken me years to find this video anywhere since I first saw it. And it's one that even the most ardent fan of Adam and Joe may never have seen, since it aired approximately ONCE on TV (on The Chart Show, from which this clip is taken). It's in lousy quality, and it's missing the second half of the song (which is much slower), but it's still a brilliant brilliant video for a brilliant brilliant song, and any fan of either A&J or bloody good indie should watch it straight away.

My new favourite YouTube video / 06.09.06


Tube + hoes - e = tubehos / 04.09.06

Well, there's no nudity or overt sexuality allowed on YouTube, I'll remind you all of that before I go any further...but there is a site that'll point you toward the closest things. It's basically just a collection of drunks, teasers and dancers, but I'm sure at least one of you (John) will find this (John) very handy (John).

It's called TubeHos. Crack wise about the spelling in your own time. For now, watch them swivel to shitty techno.

(you)Tube Trumpet / 26.08.06

As you may be aware, the third episode of Armando Ianucci's political satire Time Trumpet was last week pulled from the schedule and replaced with Episode 4. Episode 3 was eventually shown this week, but was reportedly missing the following footage for reasons best left to your own imagination:

BBC Terrorism Awards

(Hint, it's either the plane crash or the murdered Prime Minister)

Linking to YouTube instead of bothering to write proper articles / 16.07.06

This and this are currently my favourite adverts of all time.

Disclaimer: I spend far more of my time emulating the SNES than I do the Genesis/Megadrive.