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"Filmed in anamorphic duovision!" / 22.11.08

I knew nothing about the filmmakers or the cast, but in two short minutes this NSFW trailer catapulted Black Dynamite high up on my anticipation list:

Seriously, Quentin, Robert – this is how you do grindhouse. “Shh! You’re gonna wake up the rest of the bitches…”

Dollhouse Trailer / 16.05.08

EDIT: Video now removed, but you can watch it here for now...

Ashes To Ashes Trailer / 03.02.08

Fuck me, it looks great. (High quality version, so even if you've seen it it's worth a look - none of your YouTube crap.)

Series starts Thursday, BBC ONE, 9:00pm. There's also a preview clip on the BBC site, but I'm waiting to see it properly. I still can't get over the fact that the BBC are making drama I want to see again...