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the young ones

Unwise things to write Part #1736272 / 19.11.06

Oh dear.

Here is my title sequence for my very own Young Ones episode starring me as Vivian and Mike, and Tom as Neil and Rik. I hope you enjoy it, i tried to make it like the original but better.

You tried to make it like one of the best sitcoms ever produced... but better. Erm, yeah.

Bloody bloody bloody! / 13.10.05

I swear, if I read one more reference to The Young Ones being dated, I'll smash someone's face in.

I mean, what does that actually mean? WOW, WHAT A SHOCKER, A TV PROGRAMME MADE IN THE 80S CONTAINS A FEW REFERENCES THAT WOULDN'T BE MADE TODAY. I think you'll find this doesn't ruin the show, in Any Way Whatsoever.