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the simpsons

Guinness Book of Records in "load of crap" shock / 03.08.09

This probably shouldn’t jump out as much as it did, but I couldn’t help but notice this story from San Diego Comic-Con, where The Simpsons was honoured by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “longest running sitcom in the world”.

Only… it isn’t, even, is it?

Simpsons Staff Commit Crime Against Humanity / 16.02.09

Seriously, I think they should be taken to The Hague for this :

Okay, I know that switching the show to HD means that a new title sequence is necessary. But did they have to do such a completely rotten job? I mean, is Mr Burns really a less important character than Disco Stu, the Texan oil baron and the crazy cat lady?

Still, at least this means there's no longer any pretence that it's still the same show.

Alan Moore to appear on the Simpsons / 10.11.06

Yes, you read that correctly.

All I can say is, they'd better not fuck this up.