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the dark knight

Batman 3 or not Batman 3? / 29.10.08

The movie-going public has already assumed a third Christopher Nolan Batman film to be inevitable. But Christopher Nolan himself isn’t nearly so sure.…

What’s the story? Is there a story that’s going to keep me emotionally invested for the couple of years that it will take to make another one? That’s the overriding question. On a more superficial level, I have to ask the question: How many good third movies in a franchise can people name?

Joker concepts / 09.08.08

Cor! Those samples are certainly very different to what we ended up with (and the top two are also far more horrific) but then I reckon we got something MUCH better than this in the finished product. I can’t say I can totally blame the model, who is clearly and hilariously NOT The Joker, because the hair and suit shown in those pictures just don’t look right at all, either, despite being quite faithful to the comic look. Anyway, that aside, I am TOTALLY getting this book.

No more "Brokebat Mountain" jokes, please... / 01.08.06

...seriously, they weren't even funny before the first one was made.

Anyway, as has been pretty widely reported, Warner Bros. have now confirmed that Heath Ledger will be playing the Joker in Christopher Nolan's sequel to Batman Begins, which will be quite brilliantly titled simply The Dark Knight (let's just hope they don't wuss out on that one like Sony did with The Amazing Spider-Man).