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Fat Plumber Overtaken by Streamlined Athletes / 07.01.09

2009 rolls in and the guards are changing: Super Mario Bros. is no longer the best-selling video game of all time.

Think about that. I mean, really. Just take a moment to consider it; this is the real and fast evolution of culture right before our eyes. Sonic couldn’t topple Mario. Pokemon couldn’t topple Mario. No, not even M&M’s Go-Kart Racing Bullshit Adventure could topple Mario.

But Wii Sports has done it, a mere two years or so after its release. The game that allows your much skinnier (admit it) avatar to armlessly bowl the night away, or allows you to play doubles with Ned Flanders, Batman and Adolf Hitler, has out-sold every other video game in history.

And before you start griping, “Oh, but it’s a pack-in…” be aware of two things: it’s not a pack-in in all territories, and Super Mario Bros. was also a pack-in and nobody ever bitched about that.

Wii Oh My / 18.12.06

My Wii review on The Iconbar, the former RISC OS community website which has widened its remit to computing in general. I cover the console and Wii Sports in detail, but I don't have much to say about Wii Play, because I'm crap at it.


Wiiactions? / 15.09.06

So, Nintendo's European Press Conference is drawing to a close as I'm posting this, and after two days of speculation based on information from the Japanese and American conferences, we finally know the important facts about the Wii launch here in Europe: -

Wii Wii / 27.04.06

Wii? Wii?

What the fuck is "Wii"?

Never mind the fact that people have been calling the thing the "Revolution" for however many years... now you have to go and give it the worst name in the history of consoles? Not to mention one that also happens to be the name of a bodily function (and yes, according to the website, you pronounce it to rhyme with "wee")?

For fuck's sake, Nintendo!