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Down and Out in the Movie Kingdom / 15.11.06

Cory Doctorow, that infamous SF author, blogging guru, and overall technology person, has written another article for Locus Online - called "The March of the Polygons: How High-Definition Is Bad News for SF Flicks." Instead of restating his points, I will merely point you to the article. you go.

Who Series 3 not in HD? / 30.08.06

It's looking that way. See Steven Bagley and Rob Ford's posts. Most of the buzz surrounding Torchwood seems to confirm that that series is still being shot in HD, though.

A shame about Who, if it's true. Still, Series 4 will almost certainly be HD.

Firefly to be released in HD! / 04.08.06

Ignore the pathetically-bad HTML and rejoice!