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grant morrison

Batman and Robin! No, not the Schumacher one! Come back! / 21.03.09

Grant Morrison talks about his and Frank Quitely’s new upcoming series Batman and Robin. Oh holy god yes.

It was all-but-confirmed that Morrison would be returning to the character after Battle from the Cowl, but this is the first official word. Lots of lovely info in the interview, too - he stops short of saying that Robin is Damian (although we know it clearly is), and there’s little in the way of hints about who Batman will be (although it’s almost certainly Dick Grayson). It’s nice to see an admission that there’s never been any pretence that Bruce Wayne will be gone for good :

All-Star Superman / 01.10.05

Newsarama have posted online a preview of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's All-Star Superman #1, due out in November. Most of it has already been seen before in Wizard previews, but even so, it's good to see it in better quality.