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alan partridge

PC Gamer Top 100 / 01.08.08

The yearly BIG LIST of their 100 most loved games has been released by PC Gamer (you can see the full list in the latest issue, or check out the first half here), but what you should really check out is their excellent special podcast detailing the reasoning behind their Top 10.

Stop talking about American things...and let's watch the greatest film ever made. / 16.11.07

Alan Partridge on the big screen? Well, rumors have been flying around for a long time, so it's not exactly fresh news...except for the fact that it now seems to be actually happening.

Alan's Fact of the Day / 23.07.06

Investing a few hours in "assembling" the soundtrack to I'm Alan Partridge is a few hours well spent.

Where else are you going to hear "Music For Chameleons," "Bright Eyes," "Gaudete" and the theme from Return of the Saint in such close quarters? Oh, and I've now decided "Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush is lovely stuff.

Of course the cheese factor is intense, but that only increases the fun. The soundtrack to Alan's various life crises is toe-tappingly tragic.

He's Alan Partridge... / 16.04.06

Ever wondered what makes Alan Partridge such a significant creation in British comedy? His Royal Highness Sir Philip Reed offers us an analysis of Alan's psyche, and, as Freud said, it's all down to sex.

Ladies and gentlemen: Alan Partridge and the Maturity Paradox in Bravealan.