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The Amazing Spider-Boy

Apologies for the plug, but I couldn’t really let this one go by without dropping a quick post on here : I’ve got a comic out today! I plotted the eleven-page strip in the current issue of Panini’s UK newsstand title The Spectacular Spider-Man, and it’s in shops for the next three weeks. I’m rather pleased with the way it’s come out, and it’d be swell if some of you decided to go and buy it and tell me what you think. More info over on my workblog!

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Do you realise what this means? You’ll have your own credit on!

(That’s actually the first time I’ve seen the UK Spectacular Spider-Man page on Spiderfan… I’m sure it wasn’t there last time I checked, though admittedly that was about five years ago…)

I have fond memories of getting Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures when it first began in 1995, coinciding with the UK broadcast of the cartoon. It started by reprinting issues of the cartoon’s American tie-in - Alex Saviuk was a good penciller, although I was never keen on the flat inking/colouring style used to match the TV series.

Later it reprinted stories from other Spider-Man comics. These included a Nova/Tri-Sentinel story which was some of Mark Bagley’s earliest Marvel work, and a three-part Doctor Strange guest appearance which introduced me to the work of Mike Wieringo.

Also, occasionally a few pages of the original comic (presumably those heavier on continuity) would be replaced with artwork by British artists.
The covers were usually changed, too - as a big fan of Sonic the Comic, I was really pleased to see Richard Elson doing the cover artwork for some issues!

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By Nick R
March 31, 2009 @ 10:23 pm

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