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You're Welcome, America

Some news on the previously rumored Will Ferrell Broadway project:

You’re Welcome, America: A Final Night With George W. Bush

Opinion after the jump.

The clarification in the article is more than a little disappointing. Opening as it does on Bush’s final day in office, and adding into that the fact that Ferrell’s is the most well-known W. impression, and the fact that he’s actually a really good actor when the material challenges him, I was hoping for a kind of latter day, self-aware Give ‘Em Hell, Harry. Some sort of well-deserved ironic sendoff to the president that even his own party is all too happy to see the back of.

Instead we’re getting an autobiographical piece (Ferrell’s autobiography…not W’s) which is likely to feature impressions and some shtick. Gah. It’s like getting excited over what should have been a concept album that is now a greatest hits package.

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