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Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe

I’ve been, tragically, stuck (mostly) internetless in Ireland for the weekend/week during which all manner of exciting comics and movie news and tidbits have come out of the annual San Diego Comic-Con… but upon my return, something I was eager to pounce upon immediately was the anticipated unveiling of the title and cover art for book five of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s masterpiece Scott Pilgrim

And shortly after the SDCC announcement, O’Malley obliged by posting the offending news on his LiveJournal. Volume five is to be titled Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe (calling back the title of book two, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, also the title of the upcoming Edgar Wright-directed, Michael Cera-starring movie), and the quite spanking artwork below means that Scott’s girlfriend Ramona has actually appeared on more covers so far than Scott himself (volumes two, four and five to his volumes one and four) :

Lovely stuff. The release date for the book is 4th February 2009, which is of course far too far away. Then again, any date other than RIGHT NOW would be far too far away…

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